Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Who are You?

Recently I was looking for a specialty contractor to do some work in my home and I turned to the internet and Google to find someone to do the job.  One thing I noticed in browsing the websites of the companies that came up in the search results was the lack information. By lack of information, I mean who owned these businesses or where they were located. If I am going to call someone and let them into my home, even just to come and give me a bid, I want to know who they are and/or who they work for.

This got me to thinking about the Restoration Professionals website.  The first picture that you see when you go to restpro.com is of our owners, Tim Labey and Ed Strom.  They are two St Paul, MN natives who are involved with the daily management and operations of our company.  You will find them on job sites, visiting customers or in the office, dealing with our customers and employees on a personal level.

When not working, you will find them spending time with their families.  Ed has three kids and Tim has three grown daughters and four grandsons.  Ed likes to hunt and Tim plays handball in his spare time.  

I started browsing some of our competitors websites, including both water and fire damage restoration and carpet cleaning companies.  Very few of them tell you who they are.  Of course most of them have the typical "we are the best restoration company in town because..."  on their About Us page but other than that, they give little information about who they are.

We are Restoration Professionals, a locally owned and operated company!

Friday, November 15, 2013

The Importance of Renters Insurance

Many times when we are called out to fire-damaged apartment buildings, we encounter tenants that do not have renter's insurance.  The fire may not have affected their unit directly but their belongings may be affected by smoke damage and/or they need to move out of their apartment in order for building repairs to be completed.

Typically the cost of moving, cleaning and/or replacing their belongings, as well as temporary housing during
repairs, is the tenant's responsibility, not the landlord's.  If the tenant does not carry renters insurance, this can be a costly expense in the middle of an already stressful situation.

Renters insurance is a fairly inexpensive investment with most policies costing between $100-$300 per year. Most policies will cover the following:
  • Personal property -This includes loss due to theft or destruction in the event of fire, storm or other covered peril.  Think of items you use on a daily basis that you would need to immediately replace if your residence was destroyed - clothing, cell phone or even eyeglasses.
     Also, many policies will cover your belongings even when you are not at home - for example, if your bike is stolen from the bike rack at work.  
  • Housing costs - If the property you are living in is damaged and needs to be repaired and you need to find temporary housing, it is typically more expensive.  Also, some leases may require you to continue paying your regular rent during repairs.  
  • Liability - If someone is visiting you and gets hurt while in your apartment or rental home, you may be held liable for their medical expenses.  This also covers damage to your neighbor's property you may be responsible for.  

Spending a few hundred dollars now can save you thousands down the road if something unexpected happens.  

But it won't happen to you, right?
That's what this guy thought: