Wednesday, April 2, 2014


Spring has sprung - I think...  Well, it's trying to and its time to think about sprucing up your home after a very long winter.

Here are some tips to make Spring Cleaning more manageable. 

Make a list of projects you want to accomplish.

Set a timeline and break the projects down into manageable pieces.  Sometimes it's better to have a plan - "one room at a time from the top to the bottom" is one example.

Be prepared - check supplies before starting.  It can be so frustrating to start on a project and then discover you are out of one of the items you need to complete it.  When purchasing your supplies, try something new - a floor cleaner with a new scent or a new set of bins to organize a cupboard. 

De-clutter! Get rid of items that you just always seem to be moving from place to place or not really using anymore.  While you are at it, check expiration dates on cleaners, medications and food items and throw away anything expired or about to expire. 

Have back-up help - give kids small projects to make them feel that they are contributing.

Make it fun - start on a sunny day, put on your favorite dancing music and open the windows.

Celebrate the small victories.  I always like to reward myself with a new pair of shoes when I clean out my closet (provided I have gotten rid of at least 2-3 old pairs that are worn out, salt stained or that I just don't wear.)

Call in the pros for the big jobs.  Hiring window washers, pet waste picker-uppers or professional carpet cleaners can make a huge difference in how your home looks (and smells) and will motivate you to keep moving on the rest of your projects. 
As an incentive to get you moving on your Spring Cleaning, Restoration Professionals is offering special packages that are available if you mention this article:
Get 3 rooms (up to 600 sq ft) cleaned for $99 + tax ($240 value) or
5 rooms (up to 1000 sq ft) cleaned for $159 + tax ($400 value).
Also - Get one item of upholstery cleaned and get a 2nd item cleaned at 50% off. (equal or lessor value).  Some restrictions apply - call 651-379-1990 for details and to schedule.
Please call between 8 AM - 5 PM Monday-Friday.


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